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Disney Movie Rewards Mystery Reward Reveal
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Mystery Haul Vol. 6: Disney Movie Rewards Mystery Reward Reveal

If you haven't noticed already, I'm addicted to mystery hauls. If you say mystery, I say count me in! If you really want to get me excited, then introduce me to a Disney mystery haul. I adore anything Disney related, so it's not like I'm taking a risk when I buy a Disney mystery item. I've bought Disney mystery pins, mystery minis, mystery keychains, and now, a Disney Movie Rewards Mystery Reward!
Mystery Haul Volume 3 - Disney Mystery Minis and Zootopia Mystery Minis REVEAL #GeekToys #Funko
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Mystery Haul Vol. 3: Disney Mystery Mini and Zootopia Mystery Mini Reveal | #Zootopia #Disney

I can't help but to sneak mystery boxes into my cart every time I see them. Our local comic shop is where we get all of our Funko Pop Vinyls. Well, they had a hefty selection of the Disney Mystery Boxes so I picked one up with my last Funko Pop Haul. As for the Zootopia Mystery Box – I gave in and bought one with my Disney Movie Rewards. The other one I picked up awhile ago when I bought one for a friend.
Funko Pop Haul Vol. 2 - Agent Coulson, Mary Poppins, and Toy Story's REX. Find out how you can get them, display them, and what's next! #FunkoPop #GeekToys
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Funko Pop Haul Vol. 2: Agent Coulson, REX, & Mary Poppins Funko #FunkoPop #ToyStory #AgentsOfShield

As I mentioned in my Funko Pop Haul Volume 1, I'm an avid Funko Pop collector. It's quite an addiction and my boyfriend makes it worse by surprising me with new Funkos, plus he's a collector too. Together we have one of the most beautiful collections you could ever come across. We just went to our local shop to pick up a few more Funkos for our collection.
Funko Pop Haul Vol. 1 - The BFG and Disney's UP
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Funko Pop Haul Vol. 1: The BFG and Disney’s UP #FunkoPop

I'm quite the Funko Pop Vinyl collector. I've only been collecting for the past year, but my collection continues to grow every month. I can't help but to get excited when new Funko pops are released. If it's something that looks cool or something that's related to a movie, show, or character that I love then I'm going to get it. My addiction is strengthened because my lovely boyfriend is also a collector. So, we feed each other's addictions. It's a problem... but one that I never want to be solved.