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10 fun Christmas Eve gift ideas – that promote togetherness #ChristmasEveGifts

Christmas Eve gift ideas are so scarce these days. It’s always either one of two things: pajamas or stockings. What’s the best gift to open on the night before Christmas? Our family tradition is to open one gift the night before and the rest on Christmas Day. This year I will be spending Christmas Eve with a lot more children than I’m used to. I’m not a parent, so I’m not used to coming up with ideas. This year, after a lot of crowdsourcing and googling, I’ve come up with a few super fun ideas for Christmas Eve!

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FREE DIY Voltron Cootie Catcher Printable #Voltron #DreamWorks

I had the honor of attending the DreamWorks Voltron press event a few weeks ago and the event was incredible. I think that kids all over are going to go crazy about this show. One of the most fun things about Voltron Legendary Defender is getting to know each of the characters. Who do you relate to? Which color would you be? What personality traits do you have? I’ve created an old school cootie catcher that you can introduce to your children. Let’s drop the technology for a little bit and have some fun with the easiest form of origami.

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Craft Corner Vol. 1: DIY BFG Dream Jars Tutorial – colorful and whimsical #TheBFG #DIY

So, when I pictured the Big Friendly Giant hunting for dreams and stuffing them into bottles, I actually imagined the bottles as jars. At first, I pictured fireflies in jars with their beautiful green glow. Then, as the story progressed and the description deepened, a clearer picture appeared in my mind. I imagined jars that were full of pretty colors and lots of shimmer. If my favorite dreams were put into a jar, I’m sure that they’d be just as bright and colorful! That’s when the idea of these jars developed!

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