Create a reading nook that will fit into any corner of your home - it's quick and easy (and not just for kids) #HomeDecor #Reading

Easy DIY Reading Nook for any corner of your home| #HomeDecor #Reading @KESSInHouse

My idea of a perfect reading nook revolves around comfort. I wanted big pillows, soft blankets, and of course, really good books. I don't exactly have a location in my home that's free. So I decided to build my reading nook in a corner of a bed and a wall in our guest room. It's in a location that doesn't have much traffic, but can be removed quickly when we need the space.

3 Reasons to read The BFG book before seeing the movie #TheBFG

There are some books that are so incredibly written and imaginative that you secretly beg for a movie – The BFG is one of those books. It's so weird, funky, and fun! With his own crazy language and massive size, you can't help but wonder what he'd look like on the big screen. Would he actually fit into the big screen? bahaha! This is one book that I think should be read before you see the movie, for a number of reasons.
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2016 Spring Reading List #TwoBlogsFunGuides

Welcome to another #TwoBlogsFunGuides event! We are presenting the 2016 Spring Reading List which is all part of the 2016 Spring Guide Series! This reading list if filled with fun, exciting, thrilling, and enjoyable books for kids, teens, and young adults
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For The Woman Who Never Makes Time For Herself

Remembers those dreams that you once had before life got in the way? Remember the activities you did that made your day a little bit better? You know, the stuff you did before responsibilities and routines took every minute of your life. But wait. Did it really take over every minute?

Plan Your Parties With The Ultimate Disney Party Book

Flying Carpet Invitations, a Hidden Mickey Scavenger Hunt, Mike Wazowski Cupcakes, the “I’m Gonna Wreck It!” Penthouse Pinata, and Belle’s French Baguette Sandwiches are just a sampling of the projects that are presented with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions and photographs. This unique book makes any party a celebration to remember for a lifetime.

Even in Darkness Book Review and Giveaway: A Holocaust Story of Survival

Even in Darkness is a story about survival, anguish, and strength. Barbara Stark-Nemon has spent many years of her life researching and studying her family's letters and stories about their lives during the Holocaust and her book has finally been released! After hearing her grandfather's many stories of hop and survival, Barbara was inspired to keep their stories alive forever. The story wasn't as much about Barbara's grandfather as it was about his sister, who did not escape the Holocaust, but did manage to survive.

Beyond Championships Book (Foreword By Lebron James) Review and Giveaway

Beyond Championships: A Playbook For Winning At Life is a book written by Lebron James' high school coach Dru Joyce. I decided to review this book because being a Miami native, my boyfriend is a HUGE Heat fan! Even though Lebron is no longer with the Heat, Mario still respects him as a player. Being as successful as he is, I couldn't help but wonder about his upbringing and his training. I am not a sports fan, but I respect anyone's hustle. There is something about a book about success, faith, and inspiration that really pulls me in.

Introducing Ulysses Press for Valentines Day

Ulysses Press has a ton of great books that anyone would love. Now, don't think this is your typical book store. You can immediately tell that Ulysses Press is a bit different from your average book store because of their unique genres, such as: Fashion & Beauty, Gifty Grabs, Pop Culture, and Mmm Bites. Those are just a few of the fun genres on Ulysses Press. I am a book lover and a advocate for reading as much as you can. I just knew that Ulysses Press would have something great for my boyfriend on Valentine's Day.

Enjoy a Cake Boss Holiday

I'm pretty sure we are all familiar with the famous "Cake Boss", more formally known as Buddy Valastro. Mr. Valastro is the owner of Carlo's Bakery in New Jersey. Why is he so famous? Well other than his successful TV shows, Buddy has single handedly mastered the art of cake decorating. His beautiful and delicious cakes have led him to success in the culinary field! He has expanded his restaurant line and now offers a line of bakeware, coffee, and merchandise. I had the pleasure of visiting the original Carol's Bakery this year, so I am just tickled to share my experience with some of the products with all of you!

Save Money and Make Money with Campus Book Rentals

We all know how devastatingly expensive it is to buy your textbooks. Borrowing from friends is too risky and buying textbooks at full price just seems like a waste. I just graduated from college and let me tell you, the price of new textbooks is a bit ridiculous! It is hard to afford college as it is; we don't need the hundreds of dollars spent on textbooks on top of our outrageous tuition costs! College students- you can save on college textbooks with Campus Book Rentals!

The Franklin Mint Americana 50 Years In The Making

For as far back as I can remember, I have heard about Franklin Mint. I mean, haven't we all? You know the commercials- "The Franklin Mint collection is a superb collection, you will never find one of these any where else in the world". I'm sure you are thinking, "OH YEAH! I have seen those commercials a million times." These aren't just informercials that promise something that they will not follow through with. Franklin Mint really does provide an incredible amount of customer service and they offer quality products that you can only find through their company.