How to get the perfect holiday curls - An easy curls tutorial that doesn't use irons or curlers #ShampooSecret

How to get the perfect holiday curls: An easy curls tutorial that doesn’t require irons or curlers #ShampooSecret

Ladies, we all know the struggle of getting the perfect curls. It can be an exhausting and dreadful process, especially if you have long, frizzy hair like mine. If you have dandruff, it's even worst because styling shows your dandruff even more. I've come up with an easy way to get the perfect holiday curls in very little time! No, you don't need a curling iron. You will not need a wand or even curlers. You can get your holiday curls with a few bobby pins and some styling spray! It's as easy as that. Check out my holiday curls tutorial below.
There's a new Sephora and It Cosmetics collaboration that will blow your mind – with IT Cosmetics exclusives

There’s a new Sephora and It Cosmetics collaboration that will blow your mind – with IT Cosmetics exclusives

It Cosmetics is known for their collaborations with QVC. Every once in awhile they release an exclusive kit that makes you want to sell your right arm to get. It Cosmetics is the one brand that I can always rely on to release exclusive, healthy products that I will love. Every time they release exclusives, they sell out almost immediately. It Cosmetics is the only brand that offers products that do exactly what they claim to do. They are effective and treat your skin well!
I used Clairol Nice'N Easy to refresh my hair for fall - what bold decisions are you making?

Going from drab to fab this fall with Clairol Nice’n Easy #ColorConfidently

Summer is almost over and my hair has been looking quite drab lately. It happens to me every summer – I get too caught up with the fun and the sun and forget all about my poor hair. I'd much rather spend my money on water parks and road trips than spend hundreds at a hair salon. I'm not exaggerating – I literally spend around $200 with each visit to the hair salon! It's ridiculous. Anyways, Fall is slowly creeping up on me, which means that it's time for a change. I'm working on switching up my wardrobe, decorating my home, and of course refreshing my beauty routine all in the name of fall!
How I brightened my smile quickly and easily - Luster Premium White Review

Rock that first impression with a bright & white smile – Luster Premium White review

Sometimes we get so distracted with life that we neglect ourselves. Then, all of a sudden we look in the mirror and notice things that we haven't noticed before – wrinkles, dull hair color, or maybe brightness fading from our beautiful smiles. Then, we have to change our beauty routine. My beauty routine has changed severely in the past 2 months. I cut 5 inches off of my hair, dyed it, started a new skin care system, and began whitening my teeth! Check out my Luster Premium White review to find out how I whitened my teeth in a few short days.
Swingin' to the 80's with a hot pink lipstick and Sing Street on DVD - Win a Sing Street DVD + $25 Sephora GC

Swingin’ to the 80’s with a hot pink lipstick and Sing Street on DVD – Win a Sing Street DVD + $25 Sephora GC

The most popular blast from the past beauty trend comes right out of the 80's. We are rockin' high pony tails, big hair, and colorful lipsticks. It's not unusual to walk into your local Sephora and find lipstick shades in every color of the rainbow. I have more pink and purple lipsticks (and lipstains) than I'd like to admit. My makeup bag is packed full of 80's flair and I blame Sephora and the Sing Street DVD.

Ladies, you can pamper yourself every night with Zest Fruitboost – You deserve it! #ZestFruitboost

The next time you're strolling through the aisles at Walmart, dreaming of a night full of relaxation and pamper, look for the most colorful bottles in the body wash aisle. The Zest Fruitboost Revitalizing Shower Gels and Zest Fruitboost Smoothie Body Scrubs are in-credible! The colors of the bottles are fun and inviting. How cool would it be to use these for a Spring or Summer gift basket? Okay, scratch that. Focus on YOU!
ITs Your Bye Bye Collection Review

REVIEW: IT’s Your Bye Bye Collection! Available on QVC Today Only!

The IT Cosmetics IT’s Your Bye Bye Collection includes game-changing products that let you say “bye bye” to your skin concerns and hello to life-changing results! This Today’s Special Value® is scheduled to debut on QVC® Friday, March 25, 2016 at midnight (ET) and will be available for one day only! Each day, QVC picks one special item to offer at an exceptionally low price from midnight (ET) until 11:59 p.m. (PT) that day.
REVIEW of Neutrogena Naturals is like My Personal Skin Repairing Team

REVIEW: Neutrogena Naturals is like My Personal Skin Repairing Team

Around two weeks ago I changed my beauty regime. My old beauty routine consisted of using a facial cleanser every night and only using moisturizer when my skin was feeling especially dry. I've been told a million times to use moisturizer daily, but I couldn't seem to remember to use it daily. I even preached to my friends and family to "use moisturizer daily." Finally, I am practicing what I preach and I wish I'd discovered these all natural, environmentally-friendly products sooner!
Look of the Day: Healthy Curls and Flawless Skin #LOTD

Look of the Day: Healthy Curls and Flawless Skin #LOTD

My look of the day is inspired by loving who I am as a woman. I think as women that we completely write off our natural beauty. We hate our hair and would rather change it than work with what we have. We hate our lashes, so we wear fake ones. We don't like the color of our skin so we darken or lighten it. I am just as guilty as the next woman, but today I want to put emphasis on my natural beauty. I am having a good skin day and I know that I can make my curls work.
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