Books, Home June 26, 2016

Easy DIY Reading Nook for any corner of your home| #HomeDecor #Reading @KESSInHouse

My idea of a perfect reading nook revolves around comfort. I wanted big pillows, soft blankets, and of course, really good books. I don’t exactly have a location in my home that’s free. So I decided to build my reading nook in a corner of a bed and a wall in our guest room. It’s in a location that doesn’t have much traffic, but can be removed quickly when we need the space.

Deals, Home, Shopping June 23, 2016

The first step to creating a Girl Cave is to glam up those walls | #GirlCave #Goals

Have you ever walked into your bedroom and thought, “This room is a mess” only to make the bed and realize that’s all it took to make your entire room look different? My point is that sometimes all it takes is the simplest touch to completely change the look of a room – a chandelier, an accent table, a fresh coat of paint, even a picture on the wall. Transforming a room doesn’t have to be difficult and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Let me explain.

Reviews, Shopping, Tech June 22, 2016

3 ways the Fitbit Blaze can benefit grads long after graduation | #GradGift #FitBit @Fitbit

The Fitbit Blaze is the perfect graduation gift because it will benefits grads long after graduation. This isn’t your average fitness band either – it’s a watch! There are so many reasons that this is a perfect gift for graduates. It’s not too cheap or too expensive. Plus, who doesn’t love a new piece of technology? If you’re trying to find the perfect grad gift – these are the reasons why the Fitbit Blaze should be on your shopping list.

Disney, Entertainment June 21, 2016

Baby Dory is a-DORY-ble! #FindingDory @FindingDory @TheEllenShow

The entire audience – adults, children, grown men – “awed” every time baby Dory was on the screen. Seriously, she’s the cutest things you will ever see. Everything from her sweet little voice to her big ole’ eyes makes you love her even more. I feel so much more emotionally connected to her because of this movie. If you haven’t see the movie yet – you will want to after watching this new clip.

Entertainment, Gaming June 21, 2016

Skylanders Academy is coming to Netflix this fall! Mark your calendars! #Netflix #SkylandersAcademy

I’ve been collecting the Skylanders game figures for quite awhile now. There’s something about them that makes me feel like a kid again. Skylanders has been a huge hit for quite some time now, with interact and immersive games that makes you feel like you’ve stepped foot into another world. I am so excited to announce that Skylanders is going one step further – NETFLIX! We will be able to stream Skylanders Academy right from our homes. How fun is this! Mark your calendars folks because there’s a binge-watch session on the way!

Entertainment June 20, 2016

5 movies every couple should watch together this summer

With summer here, we have a list of some of our favorite movies of the year. These movies are on our summer re-watch list and they should be on your watch list, too. So, grab your date, pick your movie, cuddle under your favorite blanket, load up on junk food, and get comfortable – it’s going to be an incredible summer!

Entertainment June 19, 2016

Star Wars Rebels: Season 2 – Available in your galaxy soon #StarWarsRebels

Star Wars Rebels: Complete Season Two delivers all 22 action-packed episodes of the hit CG animated series’ second season, plus exclusive, never-before-seen bonus material on DVD and even more exclusive footage on Blu-ray! Available August 30, this thrilling continuation of the Star Wars Rebels saga depicts the continued efforts of the crew of the starship Ghost to defeat the evil Empire.