5 Questions about the Roseanne Reboot that every Roseanne Fan Has

5 Questions every Roseanne fan has about the 2018 Roseanne Reboot | Let’s talk about it!

ABC recently announced that they picked up the Roseanne Reboot for 2018! Fans across the country are having mixed emotions: Many are ecstatic, while others are weary. It's understand to have some questions about the new season – we all do. Let's talk about it! As an only child, I watched more TV than the average kid. Maybe that's why I feel such an emotional attachment to the shows I grew up with. I remember watching Roseanne and loving their family dynamic. Roseanne was television's most honest example of an American family. Both parents worked to barely scrape by. Roseanne wasn't perfect, didn't claim to be,
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Madison Reed